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Our Approach

Customized investment
strategies to client's
specific needs

We pride ourselves on the commitment we show to our investors. Our credibility lies within our investment methodology, built on four key pillars under which we operate.

  • Transparency

    We believe that trust and transparency are paramount and cultivate relationships with investors and partners based on mutual trust and complete openness.

  • Safety

    We commit to the highest standards of risk-management in all investments. We use modern tools to ensure we are operating in a safe and sustainable manner.

  • Excellence

    We pride ourselves on the level of excellence provided in our financial performance, customer service, and organizational efficiency.

  • Innovation

    We believe in providing our clients with products that deliver superior performance and access to forward-looking investments, in line with their long-term objectives.

Our Products

Invest wisely to enjoy an average
annual net profit of 38.31%*

Guaranteed Returns Ranging
From 14.4%-38.5%*

Cloud mining pool is sending Digital Assets to
your individual trading account every week.

Flexible, Rewarding, Innovative Investment That Grows With You.

Our trading partners are leading brokers of Forex and Commodities including Noor Capital in Dubai and ADS Securities in Abu Dhabi.

Since 2010 we have provided investors with an average of around 40% annual net profit, with the lowest net annual profit in the last decade being 21.6% which is significantly above market return.

*Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Risk Disclaimer:

Please be advised that trading in any market carries risk, and trading foreign exchange (“FX”), futures, options, contract for differences (CFDs) and precious metals involve a substantial risk of loss. Leverage or “gearing” creates enhanced risk and loss exposure. Even though risk can be managed, it cannot be eliminated and losses can quickly compound and exceed your initial deposit. You are liable for all losses and debits in your account.

Enjoy Ultimate Security And Peace Of Mind.

Our fixed-deposit secure investment allows individuals and institutions to generate guaranteed cash flows at pre-established dates.

Over the last decade, our returns on financial markets have consistently outperformed market returns, providing our investors with high net returns, which allows us to offer secure investments.

Our proven track record allow us to offer investors fixed returns while assuming all of the risk ourselves.

Each of our investors receives secures principal and secured profit payments, providing them with above-market returns in addition to peace of mind.

Futuristic, Exciting, Technology-Driven

We have a strategic partnership with NOOR Capital which is licensed and regulated broker of Digital Assets in the UAE.

Each of our investors receives an individual trading account opened directly with applicable exchange.

Risk Disclaimer:

Please be advised that trading in any market carries risk, and trading foreign exchange (“FX”), futures, options, contract for differences (CFDs) and precious metals involve a substantial risk of loss. Leverage or “gearing” creates enhanced risk and loss exposure. Even though risk can be managed, it cannot be eliminated and losses can quickly compound and exceed your initial deposit. You are liable for all losses and debits in your account.

About Us

Innovative Products
For Your Investment Needs

Our performance is distinguished by a record of superior risk adjusted returns, customized for individuals across an expanding range of products and through various economical conditions.

At AIX Investment Group, we push the boundaries of traditional investing. We provide only the best, personalized solutions for our investors. Our portfolio boasts of innovative investment products, high-quality solutions and top experts with a proven track record in the financial world. This includes investments in Forex, Commodities and Digital Assets. Our products are designed with one main objective, to preserve and grow our investor’s capital and provide financial security for institutional and individual investors.

As our firm is built on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital, we focus on attracting highly talented people. We create an atmosphere that rewards initiative, independent thinking, and integrity. Our solid financial base, including strong capital, ensures our capacity to deliver on our commitments. Further more, deep expertise of the AIX team gives us the foundation of intellectual capital on which we draw.

  • Driven by Extensive

  • Full Insights and

  • High Standards of
    Risk Management

our office

A Place Built In Trust,
& Professionalism

At AIX Investment Group, our aim is to provide exceptional client services while upholding the highest professionals standards. To make that possible, we ensure that our office and facilities are optimized to deliver lasting long-term results and steadfast portfolio management over a broad range of market conditions.

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Here is what our
clients/partners say about us

  • I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and overall composure I felt from Anton, which made me feel comfortable with investing my money with AIX. As a client, I feel very supported and happy with the care I received.

    Lyne M.
  • Since investing with AIX Investment Group with the assistance of Mariana, we have worked together to get a clear understandable plan for our future which gives us confidence and security knowing what kind of lifestyle we can lead. In addition, we have seen gains in our portfolio in a short space of time which is a reassuring indicator. I strongly recommend Mariana as a Financial Advisor for investments in AIX products.

    Samir E.
  • In the time Khalid has been my Financial Advisor he has helped me diversify into several opportunities which gave me consistent returns along with peace of mind. Investing with AIX has been a highly profitable and convenient experience for me.

    Salim A.
  • I strongly recommend the all round professionalism and thorough global financial knowledge demonstrated by Richard from AIX. This company are at the forefront of innovation technology based investment strategies that have already benefited my family.

    Daryoush G.
  • I have been dealing with AIX for the past few years and would definitely recommend others to go with them. Hasib has been instrumental bringing me to AIX. He’s always focused and provides his clients the continuous support in the financial planning process. His strong desire to continuously educate is impressive and differentiates him from the rest of the lot. Truly an asset to AIX.

    Kashif Z.
  • I am in continuous touch with Anton and I plan to invest more into other product this year. I highly recommend working with Anton and the AIX team. I’m confident with my investments and can recommend Anton and AIX to anyone interested in secure and high-return investments.

    Mohammed J.

Global Experience. Local Support.

With Over AED 450 Million+ Investments Completed.



Burj Khalifa, 144th & 146th Floor,
Downtown, Dubai - United Arab Emirates.
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We make your business our future,
handling investments with expertise

We manage portfolios/trading accounts for both individual and institutional investors. Let us take you to the next level of financial security.

Head Office

Burj Khalifa, 144th & 146th Floor, Downtown, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Business Center Talacker 41, 1st Floor, Office No. 104, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland.

AIX Investment Group is not authorised or regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”).

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